If you knew me you’d know

…that as a 4yr old, I sat and cried listening to Karen Carpenter’s song “Sing a song,” for the first time. I still do, whenever I try to sing it.

“Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song.”

Why is this important to know?

Well, I am tired of the schlock masquerading as authenticity in the world today. I’ve had enough of people saying the ‘right things’ in order to get their next sale, their next LIKE, their next view. It pisses me off to see yet another person trying to get clients by revamping their image, photos and networking jargon only to feel like a complete fraud deep down, stressed out by the workload that keeps them further and further away from their dream – of just being of service to another human being and being amplified by gratitude and the inevitable money it brings.

The world is changing, our heroes are falling, our trusted systems are crumbling, our relationships disintegrating.

And it’s the greatest gift ever.

It’s all happening for one sole purpose – to bring us to acknowledge, own and celebrate our own sovereignty – to take responsibility for our creation in all its forms – with no judgement.

The world belongs to the dreamers, the visionaries – but only those brave enough to to do the inner work necessary to start emitting and reflecting it in the world outside. Every choice I make for love, peace and forgiveness, frees me and helps others to choose the same.

I know I need to be a leader of my own life first – congruent in thought, deed and message. Being a leader for the world just means an amplification of what is. Leadership first – PR later.

And what has this got to do with a song?


It’s all there – set out like a map I carry in my very being. But it’s not the melody that will lead me home.
The melody connects me to the home I never left and could never leave.

My home IS my song. My home is me.

And the time of struggle and frustration is over. Uncovering my melody is a work of joy and adventure and I am on this planet to remind everyone that the NEW way of finding YOU is one of love, presence and expansion – not trauma, shame and obsession.

And the only responsibility I have on this planet, is to sing, sing my song, give permission to myself to just be as I am – in this moment, choosing for love (which is me) and ALL of life will work to amplify and expand because Life is Love is Me is you too. And the natural result of that, will be a world joining me, singing out loud as we create the song of the new world, together.

So for now…Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing your song!