A little while back I was asked to critique a piece of writing that a friend had been sitting on for ages. He is a fantastic service provider, really loves his work and the people he helps. He asked me how best to “channel his ramblings” because there was plenty more where that came from.


Blogging so people can get to know the heart behind a business is one of the best things you can do for your bottom-line.

And the good news is, the nice-guy can win.

If you want to build a consistently growing business where you are the ‘Go-to” guy for your service because people like you and love what you stand for, then you can own your niche without the scaliness of traffic stealing and SEO hijacking.

Here are some pointers for a great Expert Niche-building Blog.

Acknowledge that you know your stuff

Now, this has nothing to do with fog-horning your brilliance all over your reader.

Quick, grab an article you’ve already written and highlight of everywhere you say things that negate your own knowledge on your subject. Do you say things like:

  • I recently read a book that confirmed this idea for me…”
  • “The ideas that I am going to put to you are not revolutionary in themselves, but what I hope to accomplish is…”

Sentences like this reek of lack of confidence in yourself and what you do.

Instead, plant your feet firmly in what you know to be true and just say it.
E.g. quote from the book/author and say why you agree, or just state the opinion as your own, in your own words – if you agree with it, it is yours anyway.
Now, look at the second example:  Do not negate or insult your own ideas by assuming people have read them before or processed them the way you have over your years of experience!
Rather say something like: “On their own, these ideas may not be revolutionary, but practiced together they will catapult you to service excellence in your field.” for example.

Use phrases like “I hope to..” sparingly.
Don’t talk about what you’re going to tell them – just tell ’em!


Write in sound-bytes

If you’re like me, you can wax lyrical on your subject for days. Your reader doesn’t have to see it all in your one post! And, if you try to spew all your brain musings in one place – you will suffer from writer’s block and give up blogging very soon. Jeff Herring, who is King of Content creation, in my opinion, loves saying “Go an inch wide and a mile deep.”

This translates into (for example) creating a list article on say, “How to be a great service provider”

Write down all the points you can share on this and a one-line support sentence.

That will be your first blog post. (Ta-dah!)

Next, take all those bullet-points and write a new post on each of them. See? 10 post ideas in an instant! This will keep you inspired to write content, show others you know your stuff and keep the reader linking deeper and deeper into that thread of information (because you will link them together for your reader) so your reader will learn even more than they thought they needed to know on the subject! And you’re sharing it all with them!
Whatta guy/gal!


Write your ‘Why’

It is imperative to let people know why you are sharing what you are sharing. Put it in an intro and pin it to the top of your page or at least link to it in your About Page.
What is your ‘Why’?

Your ‘why’ is the reason why you got into this business in the first place. Tell people what you believe is possible and what you are striving toward as a service provider. Talk about your values and how, through their input, you strive to make your service delivery reflect the person and business owner you wish to be.

Inspire your audience with a bigger vision they can link into. People don’t buy products. They buy the vision of who they wish to be.

[themify_quote][/themify_quote]People don’t buy products. They buy the vision of who they wish to be. Tweet This![themify_quote][/themify_quote]

You can find my vision right here

Share your love

I don’t care if you own a franchised ‘Steers’ burger-joint. Who you are and what you are about filters through every aspect of your business – that means your staff, work environment and how your product comes out at the end. I promise you, your customer can taste when a Mac burger is made with love or not and I would travel to a MacDonald’s further away from me, if I know I’m gonna taste that love each time. Genuinely care about your business and your customers (and not just the ones who will buy from you). Write blogs that invite your reader’s input. Show that they matter. Give discounts just for your readers that encourage engagement, not just numbers. Cultivate a generosity of spirit that spreads like cocoa butter on skin and leaves people feeling spoilt. Let them know how much you love what you do and that ‘virus’ will spread in ways high-paying corporate campaigns could only dream of.


And this is what makes you special and ‘niche’d’. If you put your passionate self into your business and share the bits of your business that turn you on, you will have a unique business in a field of wannabe SEO-hunters and traffic-stealers. This is low-budget stuff. But it is doable.
So, go do it.

Author: Chantal Herman
for  TheUnPurposeCoach.com – Fix Nothing. Change Nothing. Have Everything.

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