Sometimes I look back on the things I’ve done in my life and wonder, “How the hell did that all come together? How’d-I-do-dat?” I’ve done things like shot my own green-screen pilot for a tv show. I went on an adventure from Cape Town to Pretoria to track down my great-grandfather’s military records and had his medals re-issued. I published my own little book and got featured in a book with Jack Canfield. I started my own interview-driven blog. And the one thing that all of these wacky ideas-come-true have in common, is that I had the idea and acted on it….immediately.

I’ve discovered there is a 2 day space where the idea that pops in stays in my head and makes me giggle like Elmo whenever I think of it. THAT is the magic time to do as much initial action as I can. And usually, even if that 2 day period ticks over and I go into that space of “Oh, crap, what am I doooiiinnngg!”, whatever I have initiated has already started the wheels turning and I already have become accountable to someone else about it – so I have to keep moving. Once I keep making connections, the act of meeting up with people who support or ‘get’ the idea, just reignites the initial joy and enthusiasm and I can’t help but be inspired to keep on keeping on, until the project is done. Tah-dah!

So, because I know what pain creative paralysis and “mind-talk” can create, here are a few more tips so YOU can create some cool stuff in your life, stay inspired and, at the very least, come out with a cool adventure for trying…


Don’t be afraid to look stupid.

My ideas for most things I’ve done, have come from such a pure, vulnerable and child-like, joyful space, that after I’ve contacted some people and shared my idea, I have felt soo embarrassed I want to curl up and camp out under my duvet. “I can’t believe I just did that!”

Being vulnerable and open-hearted, especially when you’re creating or doing business, can make you feel like you’re reliving the “wearing no underpants to school” nightmare. And yet, your unadulterated inspirations come from the very space that will speak to the hearts, unspoken dreams (and ultimately, wallets) of the people you wish to influence or work with. Trust that showing your heart is good for your work.

The more I put myself out there, the more I am rewarded with…myself. The more of myself I claim, the stronger my voice gets and my power to inspire others. So these days, I just say I’m a spiritual muppet warrior and people will just have to deal with it. smile emoticon Just close your eyes and keep going.


It may not come together as you planned or when you planned.

What I’ve noticed is that, sometimes you will start something that may petre out for some reason but whatever you learned, or whomever you connected with along the way, somehow, will come back in the form of new tools for your next step or other connections created via the originals.

You NEVER know where ideas will lead and just because an idea looks like it failed or nobody came to see it – DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF OR THE UNIVERSE AS A FAILURE.

All too often we fixate on the pain of things not having worked out as imagined and then it takes ages before we can gear ourselves up for another project.  But, let’s face it, it’s just our inner control-freak freaking out that it’s not in control of the outcome. But that is also the cool thing about it. You are not in control. And that cool idea you had, may have spurred you on just enough to kickstart a myriad other threads of possibility whose conclusion you couldn’t hope to fathom. So quit trying to tie your life up in a little bow that says “100% Made by Me.”
Your life is a co-creation.
You can’t see past today but you can only do what is needed for today and celebrate what blossoms tomorrow.


Don’t be afraid to be “half-baked”.

Now I am not saying don’t do your homework or don’t prepare. I’m saying don’t overthink your idea to its end. If you have not taken some action before Day 2 because you’re thinking about details – all your doubts will creep in and you’ll strangle the idea.
You can’t control every aspect of something to its end and ideas don’t always come fully baked because they need other people to shape it. But as you get your idea, write down where it could go and grow but then ask yourself “Who knows more about this than I do who can give me some advice.” Write down a list of people and email as many as you dare. They won’t all respond but some will.
Getting advice will start to create a game-plan and your next action steps in building the idea as you learn more about it.

The most important bit here is: Speed is your friend.
Matthew J Peters of Authority Marketing Films says: “Imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. Money loves speed. The greatest intentions without action accomplishes nothing.”

I agree.


Have a Grand Adventure!

My 7-year old niece gave her dad such a special Daddy/daughter camping weekend by making everything  ‘A Grand Adventure’ like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. They had treasure hunts and exploration walks and searches for the Heffalump and the sense of child-like wonder and magic permeated their entire experience together. How would your experience change if you wondered with excitement what was just around the corner? How exciting is it to write an email inviting a friend or stranger to join you on one of yours? What are the magical possibilities available to you? What if an idea you have is so much greater than you can imagine, that you’re invited to create something huge that will change everything? Will you act upon it just because it’s too bloody awesome not to act upon?

Call this tip stupid and pointless if you must. But NOTHING new and worthwhile that was created, was ever created with the bored, everyday mind. It’s made from the mind that is excited and open to making new connections. And Life is standing ready for you to attach that spark of life and possibility to your own inventions, so it can come in to do the rest.
It really is that simple.

So, next time you have an awesome idea that makes your heart sing – JUMP!
For God’s sake, just jump. You’ll be in an infinitely better space than you were in before, and you can look back in a little while and gawp in wonder saying:”Wow, me, I did that!”
kiss emoticon


Bonus tip: On following through to the end.

The title of this post is about following through to the end, but if you consider this to be a big problem for you, then I kind of tricked you into reading. Here’s why. It’s time to put this non-finishing-guilt-dilemma sucker out of its misery.

You think you have a problem with starting a project and actually getting to the end without losing focus. I am here to tell you, “Don’t be so hard on yourself! Not all projects are meant to be completed.

Not. all. projects. are. meant. to. be. completed…. …. …. …

And if it is, you may not be the one meant to complete it.

Some projects need to be created for the sole purpose of meeting other people who will lead you to the project that will actually get you where you truly wish to be 🙂

Bottom line: Learn to enjoy the process until the energy moves on or grows or becomes something else. You’ll know when it is time. Trust that. You’re not a loser if you don’t finish it.

Besides, an work of art is never finished; it just stops in interesting places.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy the adventure.

by Chantal Herman –

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