If you’re feeling like your problems – financial or otherwise – are getting worse and you don’t know how to pick a path through it – this post will help get you thinking differently so change can start a-coming.

As a freelance actor, I’ve gotten pretty used to a bank balance that fluctuates between pina colada days and end-of-the-month Salticrax Months. I’ve never been truly worried about how my bills would be paid … wait, let me rephrase, I would always worry where the money would come from, but it would always come from somewhere which made me look like a tosser for having worried in the first place. But 2014 was an interesting year, wasn’t it – full of catalysts, cataclysms and catastrophes.

I’ve called it “2014 – The Year of Getting Real” or “Did I really have to hit rock-bottom again?”

Has this happened to you ? “Happy 2014! The energy of this year feels so awesome! It’s going to be a year of dreams come true – for sure!”

And for a little while you step into your abundance and manifest some fantastic opportunities. The year ahead starts looking rosy. That life goal looks a little closer and then suddenly – everything seems to grind to a halt.

That happened to me and I wondered to myself… “WTF@#$%!!”

I’ve always been able to manifest an unexpected opportunity at the drop of a hat but for some reason, my mojo wasn’t working anymore.  Nothing I tried seemed to bring in my usual income. And things didn’t seem to be working for many of my friends and, well, the economy in general either.

Now, I know deeply that money problems are never ‘Money Problems’. There’s always something deeper going on and I knew there was a message that this new development was wishing to show me.

So, AFTER the obligatory head-meets-wall and fist-shaking at the world and God (Shame, poor guy), this is what started coming through. (Make up your own mind as to who the other ‘person’ in the dialogue is.)

*Deep-golden angelic sigh* “Chantal, honey, You’ve gawn n dunnit again. You made money, your Source.”

Umm…what? No, I didn’t. I made myself so cool and powerful this year and celebrated my awesomeness because I really made stuff happen!

“Yes, but remember the feeling you had when your bank balance rose?”

Errr..yes. It was warm ‘n fuzzy with a lot of solo happy-dancing and back-slapping. All was right with the world because my needs were taken care of.

“Exactly. You felt safe. But you only felt safe because money had ‘played your game’ and you won. If it hadn’t, how would you have felt?”

Like a failure, like a stupid kid, like I could turn around and be homeless any moment..

(Golden angel light dawning) “You made money the source of your feelings of self-worth. IT is Not. Only you can be the Source of You. And that is why money had to leave you – so you can authentically know your worth for yourself, first.”

So, all I have to do is boost my self-worth with affirmations n stuff and money will come back?

(Golden, slightly impatient sigh) “No, that is manipulative and  just a quick-fix – doing something for a return – so Last Age. The New World requires a deeper commitment from you, to you.  You need to be able to celebrate, validate and be present to all of you no matter what the outside circumstance. In other words – Can you love yourself and be fully you even if nothing changes or everything changes? Can you receive without judging yourself for it? AND CAN YOU BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN RECEIVING?

Say What?!?

Did that even make sense? “Be the Source of my own receiving?”

Yes, it actually did.
We spend so much of our lives trying to be filled up by the world and yet, ultimately, we have to be the source of our own love. If not, we’re doomed to experience the hasty departure of it throughout our lives as the only way the Universe can signal to us that we’ve mistaken our source to be that which left.

But if I become a Source of my own love, a generator of my own thoughts, creativity and actions, be all of me, present in the world – the Universe will reflect that presence and authority by making all of IT present to me.  That meas love, money, belonging, peace – all of it. As I give, so do I receive. And that’s not a give and take scenario. Giving IS receiving IS giving – Everything you are is a service to all that is a service to you.


I will be going into multiple ways of moving into this kind of power, presence and abundance in this blog. And reading my short book “It IS all About You – 4 Questions to Freedom, Joy and Energy Now” will set the stage for all of it. Get it here now.

But, for now, here is an exercise to experience this love and presence for yourself – knowing that the key to your freedom is to stop making any thing or circumstance the source of your happiness or unhappiness.



You can do this with a dot on the wall, your pet, a plant – just a point of focus.

Looking at the object or pet, start to create a feeling of total love for it and slowly, start to send it to the dot/pet.

Once it reaches your target, imagine that same love, in exactly that quantity now coming back at you and reaching you. Yes, the dot is loving you.

Next, start to amplify the love as you give it and SIMULTANEOUSLY amplify it as you receive it.

Relax into this cycle of love and see how much you can handle as you expand and amplify it 🙂

When you’ve done this successfully, imagine yourself doing the same thing to the entire Universe which is all around you (and in you). As you expand your love outward, feel it permeate your entire being – through all the spaces. Then amplify and expand, it amplifies and expands into you at the same time, more and more – to infinity (yes, and beyond!)

It’s pretty impossible not to feel connected, loved and full when you do this. Enjoy and please do as often as you can remember!




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