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Stress is the Number 1 Silent killer of our bodies. It builds up over time and plays havoc with our systems. But unacknowledged overwhelm can lead to major depression, disconnection from life and sometimes tragic consequences.
If you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, if you have no sense of the struggle ever ending or if you feel more desperate than you have in years – you are probably in overwhelm.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to reset your system to “Calm”.

Step 1: Admit you are having trouble coping
What to do: Find a quiet place – your car, the bathroom at work after hour, anywhere and allow yourself to acknowledge that things are not right with you.
This may be a scary thing to do, but if you care about yourself (and your family) at all, this is the first step to getting out from under it.

Step 2: Allow yourself to feel.
Contrary to popular belief, emotions are meant to be experienced and not suppressed. The natural state of E-motions, or energy in motion is to flow – initiating natural hormonal function in the body.
Maintaining a rigid, armour of strength for any amount of time creates mental confusion and can lead to a myriad of acute illnesses including hypertension and heart failure.

How to do it: Do not go into the story of what is causing the emotional stress. Imagine the emotions merely as energy moving through your system, Relax your body and feel the energy move through you and out of your body. As intense as it may get, this will eventually bring you to a feeling of calm.

Step 3: Be aware of you.

What to do: Keep relaxing. Become aware of the energy (emotions) flowing through your body when you think about your stress. Watch as each new emotion surfaces and then leaves naturally.

Do this and very soon, circumstances that would have overwhelmed you before, will seem more manageable; your thoughts will become clearer and you’ll be able to find solutions to your stresses more easily.

Bonus step:
After you’ve done this a few times, take it out of your quiet space and be aware of yourself as you interact with people. Watch the emotions flow as they talk to you. Notice how you don’t have to tense or react to what they are saying. You will come away a lot calmer and be able to deal with the information you have received, a lot easier.
You may even start to smile more. 🙂

You owe it to yourself to be calm, healthier and more YOU today. Click here to get access to my Ebook “It IS All About You – 4 Questions to Energy, Joy and Freedom – Now”. It’s a great primer for setting up a life with a lot more ease and creativity.

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Chantal Herman is the UnPurpose Coach – helping Creative Professionals kick out outdated ideas of Peace, Purpose and Happiness and sharing simple DIY tools and processes to help burnt-out creatives and professionals cut stress, find their mojo and be happy – anywhere.

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